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Who Is Steven Dudley And Why Should I Listen To Him?
Steven Dudley is an expert in entrepreneur development whose accomplishments include:
  •  Never having held a full-time job, but turning a handful of clients as a part-time contractor into a health and wellness empire.
  •  Building a high-end health and wellness service provider servicing the two most luxury condo buildings in Downtown Denver. (From scratch)
  •  Building a corporate wellness business working with 5 companies, in 3 different states, 6 cities and over 20 office locations. (From zero)
  •  Leading and engaging with thousands of employees who provided mental and physical health and wellness services, while creating a thriving company culture.
  •  Consulting with a $75 million start-up in health care space.
  •  Helped turn a local candy store into Denver’s #1 sport venue candy shop, servicing all major league teams.
  •  Coaching and consulting with many more smaller and influential entrepreneur.
  •  Driving entrepreneurial ventures.
  •  Most importantly, NOW, building an entrepreneur ecosystem to help entrepreneurs get a stronger and faster start. Including online courses, incubators, group workshops, 1-1 coaching and consulting, co-working spaces and more.
“For the first time I have a solid vision that’s grounded in my values...”
You know what's really amazing, I have been actively trying to meet someone like you for a long time. Only last week I started a 21 day condition to clear out my subconscious mind so that I could remove some barriers. 3 days later you cancel the meeting in the restaurant and give me a 1 on 1 which helped to clarify years of confusion. 
Thanks again for your time and for taking thorough notes.
Andrew L.
Steve, Thank You! 
For the first time (in a while or ever) I feel like I have a solid, concrete vision that’s grounded in my values and will allow me to integrate all parts of myself (business, learner, artist, thinker).
I know it was already there but your help in unearthing that relic and brushing it off without breaking it, made this possible.
Of course, now it’s up to me to do the actual work, and I know the going will get tougher but if I persist this long enough I stand a chance of making it.
So again: I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness (and the weekly wrap-up form – that’s a great idea!).
Maxamillian L.
For the record, Steven Dudley is a fantastic person to talk to if you're looking for some growth and traction. I am very thankful for his generosity!
April M. 
Thank You! 
He and I went through my business concept last week and Steve was very helpful and informative. Thank you, Steve! Looking forward to our next session.
Kevin S.
Thank you times 10,000 <3 bubbles galore to you. 
Big hug for your gift shared.  Looking forward to receiving the coaching notes and then check in....
You are amazing and so kind!
Kristin P.
Hi Steve! 
It was great to speak to you yesterday and workout some of the blocks I’ve been having.
Thank you for your insights and no-nonsense approach. Much appreciated.
Elizabeth W.
Identify and Clarify Your Million Dollar Idea and START living up to your Potential. 
Your Million Dollar Idea is the key to unlock CLARITY, CONVICTION & CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF, and ROCK-SOLID DIRECTION to Build Your Million Dollar Business.
It Starts with the Evolution of YOU;
It Leads to the Evolution of your idea;
It Makes a Massive Impact on the Evolution of the world.
© Copyright 2019  - All Rights Reserved, Journey Map and Acts of Evolution
© Copyright 2019  - All Rights Reserved, Journey Map and
Acts of Evolution